Tuesday, 3 February 2009

DKNY spring 2009.

To be very honest I'm not sure if i like the new collection or not, it just has this horrible touch to it. I sure think that DKNY hasn't come to my delight this term. On the other hand i do like the Over sized bow miniskirt and Heart bustier Top i think they go well together however they do make you look a little 'fat'. But i cant blame stardoll for trying i mean, they must of worked hard on this as allot of people have been asking and asking to give us a new collection and i must say that they haven't done bad and they haven't done good. Here's a picture of the new DKNY collection;

I'm sorry that the image is not good quality, my computer is a wide screen and i cant seem to fit all the image in so the shoes are cut of a bit.
Oh by the way, do you like my new banners? It took me a while to do them both. I know they are not the best but they will do for now, I'm not that good at graphics.

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