Thursday, 12 February 2009

New 'LE'.

New LE has been realesed in the starplaza, this time i think it looks amazing, it's so much better than the last time. My favorite is the LE tee dress, and what i also think that its based on the new valentines theme (because of all the hearts designs), which i adore. Here is an image of the new LE brand;

Yet again the image is poor quality because of my stupid wide screen computer. Back to the LE topic- I love the new LE clothes, but to be honest i don't want to waste my money on one dress or a jacket, i think stardoll shouldn't put it at i high price, maybe $25 or something would do.

Another thing; do you like the new main banner?? Its very simple yet formal, and it matches the theme of the site, i decided to go with a different colour to make it look a bit more jazzy.




  1. I for one dont like any LE... I really didnt like the colours and stuff... like if i had spent 200 stardollars on a bit of LE i wouldnt.
    I would rather get almost a whole normal shop of clothes.