Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My new look.

I wanted to create a striking new look for my medoll, something eye-catching. I came up with this look:

Do you like it, it took ages. Personally i dont mind it quite myself but it could do with a little more effort. If you want advise, this is how i done it;
A four step guide
1. Cover my my eye lashes with Mascara black $2 and to add a touch of volume to my eye lashes i used Mascara volume black which is $3.
2. I drew a half circle shape with Kat Von D charcoal eyeshadow $4 to the corner of my eyes and added Eyeshadow pearl No1 $2 to the corner of my eyes.
3. On top of the eyes i shaded them in with Jumbo pencil purple and Jumbo pencil beige both $4.
4. Lastly, i added a metalic touch with Eyepencil white $3 to the corner of my eye tip.
I hope you follow these tips and appreciate i shared them with you. Thank you for reading.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The purpose of layering.

The purpose of layering dresses is to make a beautiful gown for everyone to admire, i don't care if any one's against it but i think it is a great way to express your style and create fashion designs out of allot more pieces of clothing. Layering clothes is a great way to dress up for a stardoll party to catch many eyes and maybe win a best dressed competition. But you have to be careful about layering as it may not turn out right, it may look tacky in some way looking like you have just rushed it and stuck a whole load of clothes on to it. Here are a few examples of layering dresses;

-Fallen tulle skirt: Fallen angel, Vampire tube dress: Tingeling, Tube dress: Rio, Corset: Rio,

This layered dress is inspired by the Gothic style by using the colour black.

-Wedding dress: VOILE, Inspired by Roberto Cavalli: VOILE, Zhang crystal dress: VOILE, Fashion frenzy scarf: Fallen angel

This gown was the Christmas winner for a Christmas party hosted by Emma (mysecketlover) and Claire(Tyrall) for Stardoll newsflash, and it is inspired by a Ice princess. Which is also known as my Christmas winner gown. This is created with concentration and I have added a mini shop item for a finishing touch.

I Hope you liked this article for the purpose of layering and i hope you will follow on reading my other posts. Thank you for reading.



Sunday, 25 January 2009


Welcome to the new Stardoll blog of Stardoll fashion goddess! As you can see by the name this blog is going to be reviewing stardoll and it's new and old fashion. My name is Aimee-lee and my name on stardoll is loveangelxx. I may be looking for some writers so keep your eyes open. I do hope you will follow this blog and maybe read it everyday as i will work hard in entertaining any browsers that visit this blog. To subscribe please wait for the official club of Stardoll fashion goddess to be constructed.Thank you for reading and may you please come to this blog again.