Sunday, 22 February 2009

Barbie's 50th birthday!

Stardoll celebrates the most famous doll in the worlds 50th birthday by providing us with an amazing free dress!

if you don't know how to get this dress yet- Go to the stardoll cinema and watch the new video, go to your suite and the dress will be at your dressing table.

Here's my review of the free Barbie dress;

Images from- Stardoll Trendsetters by Babii-Mariex

what do you think about it? I used to love Barbie when i was little i had like twenty barbie dolls or something. But Bratz are all the craze now for young girls.

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie!!

Oh, and another thing be sure to remember that auditions for AimeesModels start tomorrow so be there!



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