Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Club; AimeesModels

In this club, you get the chance to achieve your dreams as a stardoll, model. Express how you feel in fashion and show your talent of modeling to the whole world of stardoll. Cycle one is about to start, the dates are;
23rd of February - 5th of march, so i would hurry and audition if i were you.
To audition you must answer all the questions i have asked truthfully and put the most detail in it as you can. If you get through to cycle one you will challenge nine other girls and make breath taking scenery's for me to judge. Eliminations will take place after every girl has finished their scenery's.
If you need any help or any more information about the club you can post a message on the notice board in the club or contact me.
I'd much prefer it if these girls have the look of a model and also have the behavior as one and has the talent to pose in scenery's like i can.
Note: Each Cycle is for females only, only females will only be allowed to model.
Each model who wins each Cycle will be a featured and interviewed on this site and possibly many others. You will also be a well known model of stardoll and model for magazines, blogs and more.
Click here to join.

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